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As a teacher seller, you know that finding the right keywords can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

We are here to change that. Know which keywords are relevant and most popular.

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Do any of these struggles sound familiar?


Products Lost in the Crowd: Your listings are lost on page 10+ of search because you don't know what keywords are relevant.

The Guessing Game: In a hurry, you resort to randomly selecting keywords instead of identifying what keywords are trending, resulting in poor traffic.

Missed Opportunities: Hindered by inadequate keywords, potential sales slip through your fingers.

Time-Consuming & overwhelming research: Your precious hours are spent on tedious research, leaving less time to focus on what lights you up.


These challenges highlight the need for a solution to streamline the keyword research process, making it efficient and effective.

Our SEO tool is designed to turn these struggles into success stories!


Introducing our SEO Keyword Finder tool

designed specifically for teacher sellers like YOU.


Our tool helps ease the burden of keyword research by quickly and easily finding keywords relevant to your business.

What can you do with Your Keyword Finder?


Know which keywords are most popular

Your Keyword Finder provides a look into the search behaviors of TpT visitors, giving you insight into the terms that drive the most traffic.

Optimize products for greater visibility

Whether you're struggling with products that are losing pageviews or looking to amplify the traffic to your listings, our tool makes it easy to identify the most relevant and effective keywords for your store.

Identify new product opportunities

Identify new trends or shifts in consumer behavior. Find opportunities to reach new audiences, stay relevant, and stay ahead of the constantly evolving digital landscape. 

Boost Your Content Planning

Your Keyword Finder helps you identify the most popular keywords by month so that you can create timely and relevant content that aligns with the seasons, demands, and interests of your audience.


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Most Valuable

  • Daily tracking for unlimited root keywords*
  • All available historical data for your keywords
  • Daily email alerts on trending keywords



  • Daily tracking of up to 10 root keywords*
  • Six months of historical data for your keywords
  • Daily email alerts on trending keywords



  • Daily tracking of up to root keywords*
  • Up to three months of historical data for your keywords
  • Daily email alerts on trending keywords

* A single root keyword may generate several keyword suggestions over time.

Stop keyword hunting

With Your Keyword Finder tool, you can improve your SEO efforts, drive traffic to your listings, and ultimately increase your revenue.

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