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Are you ready to unlock the biggest asset of growth for your teacherpreneur business? 


Data can fuel your business growth …  if you know how to make it work for you


So why don’t you use it?


The problem – working with data is NOT easy

{Spoiler alert} …even for those who like numbers.

To make it work for YOU, there are several HURDLES to overcome




It takes so MUCH time, I am super limited on how much time I get to work, so remembering to download, compile and organize it into something useful that I can understand AND keeping it updated, so I can then actually looking at it when I have the time and need it, is a BIG challenge.”


Feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to start after downloading my data”


“Not knowing how to get it and what I should be looking for.”


“I'm juggling so many other parts of the business that data has been neglected.”


“I collect it, lots of it...but I don’t know how to use it!


"Knowing where to focus, what is important and what is not.”


I'm not a numbers person, so I really don't know how to translate the data into actions to increase sales, I need actionable steps.

“Understanding where I should invest my time to improve. Finding the biggest return on my time investment.”


“ Displaying it all in a way that makes sense to use. 


“I like data but it's difficult gathering it together to get a clear picture.”


“I like using spreadsheets but I'm inconsistent and then I miss it. So then I stop updating it and then I don’t use it”. 


That is a lot of hurdles!

So it’s not surprising in a survey we conducted where over 150 TpT’ers responded,

94% said they would give themselves a “D” or worse when using data to make data-driven business decisions.

What if I told you...


  • we could eliminate ALL of those hurdles when it comes to knowing how to make your data work to drive business growth?


  • you no longer had to spend your already limited time wrangling data like you are at a rodeo?


  • your data could be automatically downloaded, compiled, organized, and displayed into an easy-to-understand and use visual analytic tools that would be updated and delivered consistently to your inbox without you having to lift a finger?


  • you also had a coach then to walk you through how to best use those tools and teach you the “know-how” from how to get started, knowing where to focus, and to teach you how to translate it into actionable steps that create real business value?


Sound like a dream? Sound too good to be true? 


It's not.


Your Data Playbook

It’s your own personalized VA Data Service, a streamlined process from download to delivery in your inbox of easy to use and understand visual analytics tools and your own expert data business coach to give you the training and “know-how” to make your data work for you, all wrapped up in 1 membership, it's YOUR DATA PLAYBOOK.


We created Your Data Playbook membership specifically with you in mind...

  • To help eliminate the various hurdles that prevent you from unlocking the value of data and make it work for you!

  • To support the busiest teacherprenuers who want to make data work for them as a strategic lever for business transformation and growth.

  • To help you save time, gain focus,  and move your business forward with actionable steps.

  • To help work smarter not just harder.

  • To help you make the biggest impact with your limited time. 

  • To help you to know if what you are doing is making an impact!

Your custom visual analytics tools that are easy to use and understand, delivered directly to your inbox, without you lifting a finger

We are combining 3 things

 Automation+ Visual Analytics + Data Coaching/Enablement  

to unlock the value of data to make it work for you

VA Data Service

  • We do the heavy lifting, a streamlined process from download to delivery in your inbox 
  • Save time and money- manually this would take a VA a minimum of 16 hours monthly 
  • Less time data wrangling and more time working on what you love
  • Updated data when you need it

Custom Visual Analytics 

  • Your personalized dashboards designed for you to quickly get answers and take action
  • Easy to use and understand 
  • Built with data visualization best practices, so you can get the most insights out of your data
  • Drive real business impact and pay for this membership with just 1 decision made / insight implemented in action.

Coaching and Training

  • We give you the tools and teach you how to use themKnow how to get your data to work for you.
  • Monthly Coaching Calls, Growth Pods, and 1v1 Coaching 
  • Community of like-minded Teacher-Preneurs 
  • Develop a data-driven business mindset to make data-driven decisions and drive business impact

Content Library

  • Over 50 videos 
  • Strategies, Frameworks and Tutorials
  • Go at your own pace with all the videos available on demand
  • Develop the know-how to become data-driven
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"What I love is the quick results. After I got access to the tools/new insight and within a week took action and saw results. 

I looked at the top 20 resources that were getting the most views.  Then out of those, I looked for the product with the lowest conversion rate (which actually had the lowest in all the metrics) and then updated the product in terms of design and added a digital component to it.  :) Last week, we were averaging 3.8 sales a day, and now after the update, we are averaging 6.6 sales a day. That's a 74%  increase in one week :)

Then during the April sitewide sale week (Mon-Fri), before I updated the product, we sold 21 of this same product.  During the May sitewide sale week (Mon-Fri), we sold 57 of them! :)  That's a 174% increase! Without the data, we would have never spent time updating that particular product. 

Anyone serious about upgrading their store needs this information!!!

Cassi Noack – Minds in Bloom


“I have been working with Jarrett and YDP for a full year now. Despite the ups and downs in the TPT landscape, working through the data plans and following Jarrett's advice has helped my business continue to grow - far more than I could have achieved on my own. I have been blown away by the difference in earnings a few price adjustments can make - those small $0.25 and $0.50 changes really have a huge impact over time. In one quarter, I was able to increase my earning by almost 5k in price adjustments alone. Through involvement in YDP, I now feel like I can confidently make data-driven decisions to help move my business forward instead of constantly second-guessing any changes I make."

Marissa Despins - Creative Classroom Core


I've always known I needed to do more with data. And while I've done a decent job of tracking Tailwind, Pinterest, and Google Analytics, I knew TpT data was NOT my strong suit. I would look at it, but often get frustrated and not know how to proceed. That's where "Your Data Playbook" came in.

Jarrett and Beth do a great job of not only giving us the data we need to have the most successful TpT store possible, but they also explain HOW to use the data. Because no one wants to be handed a tool they don't understand!

I don't have to download my data, analyze it all, and figure out my next steps. They've done the hard work for me - saving my time and energy for other aspects of my business (or more family time!)..."

Heather - HoJo


“Data has never been my thing! I didn’t fully understand how to read and interpret it but fast forward 8 months, and that has all changed!

The reports I get are a far cry from the downloads we can do ourselves. He takes our dashboard and product stats and melds them into a dashboard that is easy to use and understand. The data visibility I have now helps me make decisions about my Facebook Ads and where to spend the time in my store to make the greatest impact.

In one click, I can see all my metrics and create a data-driven game plan!

Sure, you can download your data, but why would you when you can have the process automated and have all your store insights in your inbox each month, already packaged and ready to go!"

Christina Hermer - Hanging Around in Primary 


“I knew I needed to pay more attention to my data, but I didn't know where to start. I didn't have the patience to download and compare various spreadsheets, and I definitely didn't have the energy to track data on my own. Often, I'd find myself looking at data and thinking, "Well what does this mean? What can I do from here?"

Jarrett's membership does more than I ever thought possible. Not only am I able to gain INVALUABLE insight about my business, but I also UNDERSTAND the data that I'm looking at!

I have to say, the 1x1 calls with Jarrett have been a game-changer and the most valuable part of this membership for me. He has helped me to understand my data, make a tangible plan that is unique to my store, and take steps to have my best month ever last month.

After 6 years on TPT, I thought I knew all there was to know! It turns out, data is a lot more useful than I ever thought. As I learn more each month, I continue to feel rejuvenated and ready to keep improving and growing!"

Erin Coleman - The Engaged Spanish Classroom


During a one-on-one conference call with Jarrett, my mind was blown. He gave me just what I needed- a little tough love. (In the kindest, most considerate way possible.) He asked me about my best seller. To which I answered, Oh, that is an old product. (I mean, what was I thinking?!) Here is where the magic happened. He asked me how Nike might function if a buyer walked in the door and noticed a shoe (say the Air Force One) only to have Nike respond with, Oh that. It is an old shoe. Mind blown! He kindly disarmed my ego, and I was then able to see the power of product optimization. I made the necessary changes to the cover, thumbnails, and preview (one at a time per the data), and that product moved back up to the number one spot every single month since—more than 378% growth from April 2020 to April 2021. 

That is ONLY one story of one product that was impacted by the data-driven decisions that Beth and Jarrett have helped me make. Small changes have resulted in huge benefits. "

Trina Deboree - Trina Deboree Teaching and Learning


If you are a Tpt Seller and...

  • You want data-driven recommendations and actionable steps tailored to your business success.

  • You want improved visibility into your performance and growth potential.

  • You want to supercharge your bestsellers, making them work even harder for you to boost your earnings.

  • You want to enlist expert help for the time-consuming data crunching, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • You want help to unlock and make sense of data to drive business growth.

  • You want to maximize your impact with limited time to work smarter, not just harder.

  • You recognize data as a valuable asset and seek guidance to unlock its potential, even when it seems daunting.


If you answered YES to any of those statements, then join us in Your Data Playbook.


The only hurdle that remains is you


Are you ready to take that next step and join Your Data Playbook?


Choose the plan that fits your business needs


  • Data Updated Quarterly

Analytic Tools and Data

Quarterly delivery to your inbox:

  • Product Conversion Matrix- Optimize your product listings
  • Seasonal Strategy Plans + Top 5 Products by week
  • Your Growth Planner
  • Your Product Inventory
  • Your Product Change Tracker (NEW)
  • Weekly Membership Performance report for Market Insights

Enablement and Coaching

Access to growing content library with Frameworks, Strategies and Tutorials

  • Member Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly whole group coaching calls ($47 value per session)


Everything in Bronze, plus:

  • Data Updated Monthly

Analytic Tools and Data

Monthly delivery to your inbox:

  • Performance Hub- The pulse of your business
  • 80/20 Tool- Know where to Focus
  • Monthly Conversion Performance
  • Your Growth Story
  • 2 Years of Historic Sales Data

Enablement and Coaching
  • Monthly whole group coaching calls ($47 value per session)
Best Value


Everything in Silver, plus:

  • Data Updated Weekly

Analytic Tools and Data

Weekly delivery to your inbox:

  • Customer Value Model
  • Your Product Portfolio
  • Your Pricing Strategy
  • 3 years of Historic Sales Data

Enablement and Coaching
  • Access to Monthly Growth Pods: collaborative working sessions (3-5 ppl) to implement data-driven concepts ($75 value per session)

Gold VIP

Everything in Gold, plus:

  • Data Updated Daily

Analytic Tools and Data

Daily delivery to your inbox:

  • All Available Historic Sales Data
  • Your Keyword Finder (NEW)

Enablement and Coaching

120 min exclusive kickoff call with Jarrett + Six 1:1 Data-driven Business Coaching & Strategy Planning ($500 value per session)

  • Store Health Check
  • Listing Optimization & Product Audits
  • Conversion Strategy/Optimization
  • Growth Performance Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • SEO Strategy/ Optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Pricing Strategy/Optimization
  • Develop custom insights/strategies for growth

The Your Data Playbook membership is currently closed

We are closed for now, completely dedicated to working with our current members.

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