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Your Data Playbook - Tools Portfolio

Your personalized dashboards designed for you to quicky get answers and take action.

Your Performance Hub

It is your Performance Manager.

Allows you to monitor your business, quickly identify changes in demand, or track the performance of a product after you implemented a change.

Answer the following questions

  • Which product had the most significant Earnings Change (+/-)? What was the growth lever?
  • Which products have increased/decreased the most in pageviews this year?
  • Which resources have the most views and have the lowest conversion rate
  • Which resources have low views and a high conversion rate
  • How much should I pay for one click (CPC) to promote my products on social media?
  • What is a “good” conversion rate for each of my products?
  • Is the change I made to my product helping or hurting my sales?
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Your 80/20 tool

As a general rule, 80% of your earnings come from 20% of your products.

This means your best-sellers are your growth engine.

This tool allows you to quickly identify and focus on your best sellers to get the most impact out of your limited time.

Answers the questions:

  • Which resources make me the most money?
  • I have SO many products; which ones should I optimize
  • When promotion planning: which are my top performers for any month or season of the year? 
  • Which products should I promote for Back to School?
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Your Product Conversion Matrix

Optimize your product listings for each layer of the conversion funnel.

Answers the questions:

  • Where am I leaving money on the table? What can I do about it?
  • Which part of the funnel do I need to focus on? 
  • Are changing my covers, thumbnails, and previews working to increase sales?
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Your Growth Story

Each business has a growth story. This is yours.  

This tool allows you to understand how you have grown in the past, in order to plan for the future.

Answers the questions:

  • How has my business grown over the years?
  • What have been main lever(s) of that growth in previous years?
  • How does my performance this year compare to previous ones?
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Your Growth Planner

Stop growing accidentally and start doing it intentionally.

Set a target and create a plan to get there. 

Measure your actual performance against that plan.

Answers the questions

  • What do I have to influence so that my store growth is intentional, not accidental?
  • By how much should I grow in traffic, conversion rate, or price to reach to my earnings target?
  • How am I performing against what I planned at the beginning of the year?
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Your Seasonal Strategy Plans

When a new season approaches, you will receive a personalized plan to optimize your best sellers for that specific season.

You will find a recommendation for each of your growth levers: Conversion, Traffic, and Price.

Answers the questions:

  • During a particular season, what sells in my store, and what do I need to optimize to maximize earnings?
  • Which specific products do I optimize for traffic, price, and conversion rate?
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Your Top Customers

Exclusive tool for Gold and Gold VIP tiers.

Identify your top customers and know them better.

Quickly find a customer’s transaction if they need support.

Answers the questions:

  • How many customers do I have? How much has my customer base increased over the years?
  • How loyal are my buyers?
  • How much are individual customers spending in my store?
  • Am I attracting new customers?
  • When was the last time a specific customer purchased a resource from my store?
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Your Pricing Strategy

Exclusive tool for Gold and Gold VIP tiers.

Shows your product listings summarized by price bucket, so you can identify gaps, optimize your pricing strategy, and compare your offer to the cohort’s (+300 stores).

Answers the questions:

  • Am I appealing to educators who can spend money at different levels?
  • In which price points do I have gaps and there is demand?
  • At which price point do I make the most earnings? How does that compare to the cohort?
  • At which price points do I have listings, but they are not selling?
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Your Product Portfolio

Exclusive tool for Gold and Gold VIP tiers.

Understand your portfolio history and optimize it.

Know if new or older products are contributing to your earnings.

Quickly identify which products are declining through the years.

Answers the questions:

  • How many products are in my portfolio?
  • How many have I created by year? Have those new products produced earnings for my store?
  • Am I making more from older or from new resources? Which ones are contributing more?
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